Our Story

Launched in Los Angeles in 2015, Crescent is a women's contemporary line inspired by the individuality and uniqueness of all women with a love of fashion. At Crescent, we pride ourselves on carefully designing and curating each piece in-house, accentuating the natural beauty of every woman. 

Our minimalist and refined designs ensure enduring wardrobe options for every occasion, from casual coffee outings to elegant nights out. Committed to sustainability, we continuously improve our practices and prioritize fair wages and safe working environments. By cutting small batches at a time, we minimize textile waste and maintain an eco-friendly approach. We passionately support women from diverse backgrounds and empower underserved communities through creative designs. Demonstrating our commitment to ethical fashion, we pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that align with our values. 

With our belief in minimalist fashion and a minimal ecological footprint, we offer quality, affordably priced clothing accessible to all. Explore our stunningly fashionable pieces with a minimalist flair—simply #WearCrescent for an ethically easy shopping experience.